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10 golden rules for muscle building

November 19, 2018

1. In the process of exercise, every muscle that keeps exercising needs the force of the whole process. Make the muscles of the exercise participate in the force whether it is contracting or stretching.

2. During the exercise, each muscle that keeps the exercise must learn to control the weight to exercise, especially when the muscles contract to the peak, use the control of the muscles to control the weight of the connection until the start The position of the action.

muscles3. During the exercise process, each muscle that maintains the exercise does not rely on the synergy of other muscle groups to complete the action, but fully utilizes the contractile force of the muscles to complete the whole movement.

4. During the exercise, each muscle that keeps exercising is always in a tension state during the whole process of the movement. When the muscles being exercised are at the peak contraction, the muscles are in a contracted state. When the muscles being exercised are in a reduced stretch state, the muscles are in a stretch control state.

5. In the process of exercising, keep your mind focused on each muscle you exercise. Can experience or feel the contraction and extension of muscles.

6. During the exercise, each muscle that keeps the exercise can do the best exercise in one set of training. That is, the limit of the number of times a group of actions is completed.

7. In the process of exercise, in order to maintain the muscle growth of exercise, it is necessary to gradually increase the weight or weight to train and use multi-joint movements to exercise.

8. In the process of exercise, you should choose the right weight to exercise your muscles. It is best to have 6 to 12 times in each group. And use as much free force as possible to exercise.

9. the process of exercise, you must first choose a large muscle group exercise and then choose a small muscle group exercise. And exercise the weaker muscle groups first and then exercise the more developed muscle groups. In order to achieve a coordinated reversal of the whole body muscles.

10. During the exercise, rest for about 1 minute between groups, not more than 3 minutes.And in the rest restoring after muscle exercise, can use to undertake active restore through oxygen motion, but time should not be too long, control in 30 minutes commonly or so.


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