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3 ways to make your squat more powerful

November 22, 2018

Squat is one of the most important training exercises in the gym! It can help us build a strong body, whether it is to increase the body muscles, muscles and sports performance is still a must-have action!

Today, I want to bring you three good squat training methods to help you become stronger.

musclesFrom the perspective of sports biomechanics and exercise physiology, the force produced by the centrifugal contraction of the muscle is greater than the centripetal contraction of the muscle, that is, the muscle can bear more weight during the centrifugal elongation of the muscle. For muscle training, the muscle stimulation is more Large, therefore, the muscles in the centrifugal elongation phase are more than the centripetal contraction, control the muscles of the whole process, increase the benign damage to the muscles, the muscles have more reconstruction, and finally the muscle training has a better effect. .

At the same time, the slow centrifugation phase helps you develop better motion control and make your squats more stable and solid.

Do a full squat and then do a half squat again, which helps increase the TUT (the amount of time the muscle is under tension) and allow your muscles to grow better!

Hanging the bar or kettle bell with a chain or elastic band on the barbell will generate a lot of oscillations and disturbances on the barbell, creating a very unstable environment.This advanced training approach has several benefits.

1. Benefits of neuromuscular:

The motor unit can improve the coordination between intramuscular and intermuscular and awaken the sense mechanism of ontology

HBT is a change of barbell training.Unstable and unpredictable fluctuations in the barbell force the operator to tighten every muscle in his or her body to stabilize the movement.Not only does it have incredible effects on muscle activation, but it forces the operator almost imperceptibly to move in the most advantageous joint position.



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