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6 methods of hip muscle training

November 16, 2018

How to effectively practice hip muscles?

The main training method for gluteal muscles is associated with the back and thighs, such as the lower jaw and the deadlift. But there are also some special exercises that can be used to exercise the buttocks muscles. The following exercises can be used alone or as an aid to the squat hard pull. Let’s take a look.Detailed methods of exercising the hip muscles:


1.Lie on your back with one leg to raise your hips

Sit on your back, bend your right leg, and place your left leg on your right leg. The palms of both hands are placed down on the side of the body. Slowly lift your hips and tighten your gluteal muscles until the back is straight. Repeat after restoration. Make 3 groups on each side, each group about 20 times.

2. lean over, bend your knees, lift your legs

With both hands on the knees, the knees are at 90 degrees. The action starts with a single leg lift and the heel is vertically up, but the knee joint angle remains the same. When the thigh is lifted to the highest point, it is just parallel to the ground. Don’t move too fast, tighten your glutes. 3 groups on each side, 20 times in each group.

3. lean over, load, bend the calf

Hands and knees on the ground with practice 2, sandbags tied to the ankle (be careful not to be too heavy). First straighten one leg backwards, about parallel to the ground, and then bend the knee to 90 degrees. Repeat after restoration. Each group of 3 groups, each group 20 times: attention movements must always have control

4. Squatting under the load with narrow station distance

Barbell exercises hip muscles with feet 10 to 20 cm apart.Two hand barbells (weights vary from person to person).Squatting until your thighs are parallel to the ground, stand up vigorously.Keep your upper body upright: do not lean forward.Each group 8 to 10 times, 3 groups.

5. Squat and jump

The action is basically the same as the weight-bearing jaw, which increases the force of the explosion: the feet are shoulder-width apart, and the arms are hung on the chest. Kneeling to the knee joint at 90 degrees, lifting up vertically. Pay attention to the thighs and tighten the hips. Each group is about 10 times, and 3 groups are made. Since this exercise has an impact on the ground when landing, it is best to do it on a pad, wooden floor or grass, and pay attention to keep your body balanced.

6.Stand with a load and lift your legs

Stand facing the wall, leaning forward slightly, holding the wall with both hands.Sandbag tied to ankle, heel slightly raised.Move your body weight to your supporting leg at the beginning of the action. Kick the leg slowly and slowly back, bending the knee slightly.Kick the leg until it can’t be thrown back any more.Hold for a few seconds before reverting.3 groups for each side, about 10 times for each group.


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