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8 stovepipe movements before going to bed

November 29, 2018

1. Tapping and relaxing

Muscle-tight calves are usually not easy to get thinner, so the first step before and after exercise is to loosen the firm calf. The method is very simple, sitting on the plane, bending the foot naturally to 90 degrees, holding the hollow fist to beat the calf muscles, the legs are alternately knocking, tapping the sides and back of the calf from top to bottom. This tapping action can also be performed before going to bed, each time no less than 200, can effectively promote circulation, help relax the tension of the calf muscles, reduce edema..


2.High leg movement

Get up 10 minutes in the morning every morning, do a high leg movement in the dormitory, 1 minute in each group, complete a group of rest and then practice the next group, repeating five groups in total. High leg movement is the most common and effective stovepipe exercise, which can fully exercise the thigh muscles and promote fat burning in the legs. Remember to insist on doing it every day. It is impossible to see the effect after two days of fishing for two days.


Persevering in jogging every day can help reshape the legs. Some people think that running will make the legs thicker. In fact, for most women with thick legs, it is mostly caused by fat accumulation. Even if you are a mixture of muscle and fat, correct running training is beneficial to transform the fat in the legs. For the muscles, improve the calf line.


8 Stovepipe movements before going to bed

Action points: First, relax the front side of the calf, hold the empty fist in both hands, palm the anterior lateral side of the calf, and tap the entire calf from top to bottom.

Action points: First relax the upper part of the left leg, then change the upper part of the other side to relax.

Action points: Press from top to bottom from the middle of the calf and relax on the lower part of the lower leg.

Action points: Find the distance between the left and right palms of the left knee joint, the thumbs overlap, start pressing, proceed from top to bottom, until the heel, then return to the starting point and start again. Then change the calf on the other side.

Action points: Find the muscles near the bulge below the knee, press and hold with the thumb, move 3 times left and right, move 1 finger down, sequentially from top to bottom, until the ankle position stops, then go back to the starting point and cycle again Change the calf on the other side to relax before and after.

Action points: one hand is fixed in the ankle, one hand holds the empty fist, from the foot in front of the foot to the heel, then to the heel, then back to the forefoot, repeated circulation, feeling the inside has a sense of soreness, change the other side Relax at the bottom.

Action points: The heels are close together, so that the weight of the body is pressed against the ankles, and the feeling of stretching of the body and the calves is felt.

Action points: Find a chair, straighten your left leg, hook your feet, straight back, press down on your left leg, keep your feet, press your body down on your calves, feel stretched, stay at this angle, feel Stretching the back of the calf. Then stretch the back of the calf on the other side. Always keep your back straight.


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