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Fitness strategies for men of different ages

November 2, 2018

Men under 30

Youth is no excuse for ignoring health.Men at this age are trying to push the limits of their bodies while running and working out.You might as well try to increase your explosive power, and you’ll get more benefit from a full-body workout than from a partial muscle workout.If you’re looking for physical limits, try the Tough Mudder.


30-40 year old man

Men in this age group have generally experienced a transition from being a son to a father, which is often the busiest period of your work. You may have evolved from a daily jogger to a “weekend warrior” who only takes the weekend to play the game. You feel that you are still young, but your joints clearly understand your body. When benching in the gym, you can use a lighter weight dumbbell to replace the high-pound barbell. In addition to decompressing your joints, you can also reduce your chances of injury during the weekend.


40-50 year old man

The burden of life falls on you. As your child grows up, family expenses will increase, and your stress will reach its peak. Physically, you need to do some exercise to relieve the pain in the neck and neck caused by long-term stiff sitting at the desk. Don’t think that yoga is exclusive to women. In fact, for men of this age, yoga is the best exercise method. When the bones are stretched, the psychological pressure can be eliminated.


Men aged 50-60

Your body function is getting more and more obvious, which is mainly caused by the decrease in testosterone levels. One of the ways to improve testosterone levels is to strengthen muscle mass. Use the equipment to do proper strength exercises in the gym and say no to the muscles that are gradually relaxing. The chest, back, hips, ankles, and legs are all objects that need exercise. At the same time, pay more attention to the protection of the joints.


60-70 year old man

When the man reached this age, the inner ear pipe and body balance system began to decline, causing problems in the balance function of the person. It is worth noting that wrestling is one of the greatest threats to the elderly. For this, you need To do some balance exercises, fitness ball is a wise choice, playing Tai Chi is more conducive to the elderly to find the ability to balance the body.


Men over 70 years old

Although he is “the age is high,” you can completely refuse to rely on the old and sell old. In fact, we have seen that the elderly are the main force of daily exercise (in China, the square dance, Tai Chi, the morning exercise has become a landscape of the city). The right amount of exercise every day is good for the elderly’s waist and leg joints as well as cardiovascular health. For older people, fitness experts suggest that you can try to walk 1 km a day.




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