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How to increase muscle endurance?

November 9, 2018

It is well known that the growth of muscle strength depends on scientific training at a certain load. The reasonable degree of exercise load directly affects the exercise effect. There are five main factors affecting the load.


1) Strength

That is, the size of the load-bearing resistance, generally speaking, the weight with a limit load of 85% or more is a large intensity, 60–80% is a medium strength, and 50% or less is a small intensity, usually only 1-3 times with all efforts. The weight is high strength, 6–12 times is medium strength, and 15 times or more is small strength.

2) Number of groups

Number of uses of the device: Generally, the number of groups is less than 4 groups, the number of groups is 4-8, and the number of groups is 8 or more.

3) times

The number of repetitions of an action in a group is usually 1-5 times a few times; 6-12 times is a medium number; 15 times or more is a multiple number.

4) Density

Refers to the length of rest between each group. Intermittent time is 2-3 minutes for small density; 1-1.5 minutes for medium density; each group is within 30 seconds of intermittent density.

5) Action speed

According to research, rapid development is beneficial to the development of explosive power, mixing speed is beneficial to the growth of strength, while slow and medium speed is beneficial to the development of muscle. It is necessary to adjust the load factors according to the purpose of the exercise, to develop explosive power, to increase muscle volume, or to increase muscle endurance to reduce fat, and the factors in practice are also different.


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