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How to increase muscle while reducing fat?

November 8, 2018

There are two types of body fatness: 

The first type, low muscle mass and high fat content.

The Second type, high muscle content, high fat content.

There are three things to note about diet:

  • First, control high-calorie food

More body fat, it is very important to control high-calorie foods, which is the key to ensuring daily calorie intake, especially foods with high fat and sugar content. These foods have high calorie content. Eating these foods often leads to stomach. Still not full, but the heat has exceeded the standard, which is obviously very unfavorable for controlling sebum.

  • Second, eat more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are the key to maintaining good health, because vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and contain dietary fiber needed by the body to enhance satiety, which can ensure health and reduce the intake of other high-calorie foods.

  • Third, reduce carbohydrates to increase protein


In the process of gaining muscle and reducing fat, the ratio of carbohydrate to protein should be properly adjusted. If the protein intake is insufficient, the carbohydrate will exceed the standard, which will make the fitness effect hit.

In daily life, you should eat more eggs, lean meat, beef, milk, chicken breast and other foods with low fat content and high protein content; properly limit the amount of carbohydrates, such as rice, noodles, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other foods; protein And carbohydrates can be arranged at 4:6 or 5:5.

There are three things to note about training:

  • First, the big muscle group decides everything

Large muscle groups are the key to gaining muscle and reducing fat. Only by training large muscle groups can the body be completely bombarded, and the legs, back, shoulders and chest are the most critical parts of the body.

The legs are especially important, no matter how you can’t skip it. Studies have shown that leg training is very helpful for arm muscle growth, because it is the body’s largest muscle group, and it can keep the body better hormones. Level.

  • Second, the combination of large weight and small weight

For muscle gain, large weight can give the muscle more stimulation, and the body gradually strengthens the body to force the body to adapt to the training intensity. The small intensity training can improve muscle endurance, which can improve the intensity of overall training and strengthen the fitness effect.

  • Third, arrange a reasonable aerobic

For healthier people with higher fat content, in addition to strength training, aerobics should also be arranged in the training program, which can encourage the body to consume more fat.

But there are certain differences between the two types of health friends. For a friend with a high muscle mass, you can take time to do aerobic alone or after training. The aerobic time can be slightly longer. For a friend with lower muscle mass, it is not recommended to have a long time of aerobics. Change constant-speed aerobics to high-intensity intermittent aerobics, such as alternating running and jogging.

Of course, in addition to the above, the important point is to persist!


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