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Increase muscle training programs

November 13, 2018

 Training program & Precautions:

Warm-up training: Warm-up before training, warm-up benefits: increase blood circulation, prevent injury, let the joint capsule secrete synovial fluid, nutrient lubrication

Training angle: The correct angle must be guaranteed, otherwise other muscles will be trained and muscle damage will occur.

Training Stretch: Stretching before and after training, the advantage: lengthen the muscle lines. Prevent injuries. Increase blood circulation and bring nutrients

Muscle soreness: After training, it will produce muscle soreness. The reason is that the muscles are benign. When the lactic acid accumulates during training, it will cause muscle soreness. When stretching, it will stretch more. After going back, drink more VC drinks and eat more food with high protein content. Help restore

Training time: it is best to guarantee 45 minutes – 1 hour, hormone secretion 45 minutes to reach the peak

Training plan: beginners use the pyramid method, cyclic progressive method, increase the number of groups, increase the weight, the maximum weight limit

Number of groups: 2-3 movements per muscle, 3 movements for large muscle groups, 2 movements for small muscle groups, 4-5 groups for each movement, 6-12 per group, gradually increasing weight A set of punching limits. Exhausted.

Training breathing: pay attention to breathing during training, forcefully exhale and relax, indulge in meditation 1, 2, 3, 4 do not suffocate, it will cause blood vessels to burst.

Rest after training: One muscle of the exercise must rest for 72 hours before continuing training. The muscle needs to have a recovery period, such as less recovery, resulting in slow muscle growth and sore muscles. It’s better to practice without training.

Step-by-step principle: People who have not trained for a long time should not use high-light training at one time. They should be gradual, increasing the number of groups and the number of times in each period.

Simple principle: For those who are just starting to train, the action should be practiced with the simplest weights and constant movements. Finally, training with free weight

Training plan Note: Start with a large muscle group, and finally to a small muscle, generally do not need cross-training, that is, after training a group to immediately change one action, it will make the blood supply insufficient. Unfavorable training stimulates muscles.


Essential nutrient supplements for muscle strengthening:

Protein powder, creatine, glutamine.

Protein powder: pure whey protein, complete protein, closest to the human body, quickly replenished, muscles are composed of protein, 2 scoops a day, help the body, quickly recover, and quickly grow muscles.

Creatine: a large amount of free amino acids in the human body, which is consumed in large quantities during exercise, and to promote energy and training strength, taking 3 times less than before or after exercise, taking with protein powder 3 months.

Glutamine: Muscle growth requires androgen-promoting, and glutamine is one of the essential amino acids necessary for the body.It is 6 times higher than usual and helps the body recover quickly.


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