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Dietary rules for muscle growth

ноябрь 1, 2018

The total calorie intake of the human body is greater than the total calories consumed.

The amount of calories should be sufficient. Первый, you need to find out the total amount of calories your body needs every day, and then increase the amount of heat from 5% в 20%. You can increase your calorie intake step by step with your weight. You will find a lot of calories, so three meals a day is unrealistic. We recommend that people who want to gain muscles distribute the total calories to 5-6 tons. Those who are busy or who can’t eat a lot can use protein powder drinks with fruits as a plus. This can also keep the body in an assimilation state, то есть, let the nitrogen in the body muscle protein be in a positive balance state, so as to maintain the assimilation composition state, otherwise the whole body muscle will be in the decomposition and loss. 5-6 tons a day can also stabilize your muscles with protein, speed up muscle repair and recovery.


Sufficient protein.

Muscle growth requires adequate intake of raw materials. In order to meet muscle growth, protein intake should be 1.6-2 g/kg body weight/day. Ordinary bodybuilders who want to effectively gain muscle and control the growth of fat, in the daily diet can choose foods with low or medium fat, such as peeled chicken, постная говядина, fish and other meat, low-fat milk and chicken protein. On the other hand, good protein powder can effectively help muscle gain without fat.

К тому же, some body masses are naturally thin and weak, and it is not easy to eat long meat. These people usually have a high metabolic rate and often have insufficient caloric intake. It is recommended that such people eat more, or can eat more protein foods such as chicken legs, steak, whole eggs, whole milk, duck, pork and so on.


Ample carbohydrates.

It is ambiguous to only eat complex carbohydrates or low-glycemic carbohydrates during the muscle-building phase. Because complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, cereals, и т.д. will make your stomach feel too full and not enough calories. During the muscle-building period, we can eat simple or high-glycemic carbohydrates, such as white rice, картофель, steamed bread, и т.п., which also allows you to easily meet the calories you need, and the stomach will not be too full of uncomfortable.

There are no people who can’t eat fat in the world. Only those who eat less, if you can eat 5 tons a day, every interval is 2-2.5 часов. It is not too late to define yourself after 3 месяцы.


Moderate amount of fat.

Do not completely reject fat during muscle building. Прежде всего, we must distinguish between good and bad fat: we should avoid the intake of saturated and trans fatty acids. A good fat is a growth hormone that can maintain the body’s testosterone levels and promote muscle growth, so your muscle gain effect will be more obvious. Recommended food sources: peanuts, almonds, avocados, olive oil and other non-animal fats.


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