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Shoulder warm-up: 5 elastic band movements

November 7, 2018

The shoulder is the hub of upper limb movement, in a very important core position! Any upper limb training action will use the shoulder joint, no matter how you practice chest, practice back, practice shoulder, practice your hand, and even the lower body of the deadlift need to use the shoulder joint!

During exercise, the shoulder is the most vulnerable part of the injury, if your shoulder is hurt! Then you will give up all the upper limb training!

Preventing problems before they happen is what we should do! Therefore, when training upper body muscles/single training shoulder muscles, be sure to pay great attention to the warmth of the shoulders before training.

Action 1: pull behind the elastic band

1. Stand up, keep your body straight, and don’t swing back and forth.

2. Hold the elastic force down the two palms


Action 2: stretch out with shoulder level

1. Also adopt a standing posture, adopt a standing posture, stand upright, and grasp the elastic band with both hands and lift it higher than the shoulder!

2. Use the shoulders to clip back and pull the elastic band down and the top of the action will squeeze your shoulder blades tightly together!


Action 3: Y-shaped side lift

1. The feet are wider, one foot is on one end of the elastic band, and the opposite side is grasping the elastic band.
2. Start the shoulders and move outwards sideways!


Action 4: One-arm shoulder outreach

The elastic band is fixed at the back, then take a few steps forward, and grasp the elastic band on the side of the body with one hand.

Start the shoulders and lift the side up, lift your head!



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