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Six of the most effective muscle building exercises

November 17, 2018

First, priority training method

The priority training method is designed to enhance the muscles of a certain part of the body and is relatively weak. The training of the relatively weak muscles of a certain part of the body is placed at the forefront of each training, and priority is given. This way, you can train in the strongest and most energetic time of the human body. This effect is undoubtedly the best. Only in this way can you maximize the muscle potential in the shortest time and fully tear the muscles. Training purpose.


Second, the limit training method

The increase of human muscles is due to the constant contraction under the condition of large weight and large resistance, and this large-strength contraction can also increase the strength of the muscles. If you can do 8-9 times the maximum weight you can bear, do 3~4 groups and don’t do any preparatory activities, then the circumference and strength of your muscles will increase. However, this is extremely dangerous. It is extremely easy to get injured before using any maximum weight training before doing any warm-up activities. Therefore, it is the most taboo training in the process of heavy weight training.

Third, the massive congestion training method

When you exercise a muscle, you need to train a lot of blood into that muscle, and keep the blood flowing there so you can increase the muscle growth, which is actually a kind of training rule.

Fourth,Integrated training method

According to scientific studies, each different part of human muscle cells has a protein and energy system that reacts differently to unequal levels of training. Muscle fiber protein increases when it is trained in high-resistance and high-pressure loads. When doing aerobic endurance training, muscle cells respond to high endurance training. Therefore, in order to increase the number of muscle cells, the same action cannot be performed, and various combinations of different numbers of different types of training from high to low are required.

Five, compound group training method

The compound training method is to connect two or more exercises to the muscles of the same part in the process of training, and the training method is called “composite group”. The purpose of the composite group is not to add to eliminate muscle fatigue, but to allow the muscles to have a large amount of congestion in the shortest possible time.

Sixth, static stress training method

Static stress training requires some control over the muscles. When doing a training exercise (8 to 12 with the maximum weight that can be tolerated), if you can complete the movement, you can stay still in the state of muscle contraction for 3 to 6 seconds. , or repeat it 3 to 4 times after still. This training method is the static stress training method.


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