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The principle of exercise nutrition distribution of muscle and fat

November 20, 2018

About gain muscles

The principle of muscle gain is that the energy intake is greater than the energy consumed. It is not correct to increase the muscle mass. It is necessary to eat more. For example, eat more foods containing carbohydrates and protein, such as rice and steamed bread. Whole wheat bread and other high quality and common carbohydrates, high protein foods are beef, chicken, egg milk and so on. And less oil and less salt, control heat. In general, the muscle-enhancing partners do not need to control the diet too much, and it is better to take more protein and carbohydrates.
Eat more meals, 5-6 meals a day, eat more protein, ensure enough carbon water, moderate meals, intake of protein and carbohydrates 15-45 minutes after training.


About fat reduction

Then the fat-reducing partner can not eat it, the principle of fat loss, the calorie intake is less than the calories consumed, so it should be eaten less, eat less does not mean not to eat, many people advocate dieting to lose weight, but it is effective Then, I want to ask, are you not eating for a lifetime? The human body is a very clever structure. Generally speaking, this time, you don’t eat, you consume fat. When you next eat, your body will reserve more than the original. More fat, in case you are hungry again next time, so the human body is still very smart, remember to diet is not desirable.

How to get protein?

Conditional children’s shoes are best to take protein from food, protein is divided into three, complete protein, such as meat. Semi-complete protein, such as animal products such as egg milk. Incomplete proteins are beans or soy products. Some small partners eat high-protein diarrhea, then try semi-complete or incomplete protein. If you can’t eat high-protein foods without conditions, you can consider protein powder. If you don’t have a brand, you can consider it for yourself. It is not recommended. General fitness people recommend 1.6g/kg body weight of protein. Also ensure a protein intake of 0.8g/kg body weight per day.

What should I eat before and after exercise?

If you can’t eat right after exercise but you are a little hungry, then come to the banana. It is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamins. It can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation and other issues, and bananas have a strong satiety. So that you can not feel hunger for a long time, no matter how fat is reduced, banana is a fruit that is very suitable for eating before and after exercise. A banana is equivalent to the calories of 100g rice, and the fat-reducing friends can use bananas. Meal Replacement.


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