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Tips for beginners at the gym

November 26, 2018

Warm up first and then get on the treadmill

Many first-time exercisers simply get on a treadmill and start running.Before running, should do warm-up exercise first, warm-up exercise can raise the temperature of the muscle, make the muscle becomes more soft and not easy to pull, can press leg or do a few groups of squat exercise first.Novice goes up treadmill for the first time, should walk slowly first, jog 15 minutes again can, this motion intensity had better be able to maintain 3 weeks later, according to individual constitution, add quantity slowly again.


Measure balance before using large equipment

According to the statistics of American institutions, people who enter the gym for the first time will encounter sports injury more or less within 45 days.American bodybuilding champion Ruben reminds everybody, because the flexibility of the body of large equipment and balance are very tall requirement, because this, before practicing, must have balance stability and flexibility exercise at least one month first.If you’re standing on your upper body but can’t squat, or if you’re standing on one foot and can’t balance with your eyes closed, don’t touch large equipment in the gym.

Strength exercises start with dumbbells

Many beginners to the gym at the beginning of the fitness, wish to put all the equipment to practice once, such as the treadmill aerobic training equipment, if the warm-up in place, generally will not occur sports injury.However, chest push machine, barbell such as strength training equipment, is not very suitable for beginners to practice.Beginners who want to exercise strength can choose 3-5 pound dumbbells, hands on the chest, do 12 to 15 push-ups, 2-3 sets.

40 minutes for the best exercise time

Many people will stay in the gym for several hours once they arrive. They will connect all the equipment once and still feel unsatisfied. This is very easy to make people tired and lead to muscle aches and pains.For beginners, 40 minutes is enough. You can jog for 15-20 minutes, exercise strength for 10 minutes, and do some flexibility exercises.

Wear jogging shoes and platform socks to go to the gym

Many people often wear flat shoes or canvas shoes when they are exercising. The soles of these shoes are thinner, and the muscles of the novice’s feet are slack, which makes it easy to cramp or sprain. Therefore, it is best for first-time fitness people to choose running shoes, training shoes or stockings.

Build muscles and refuel within an hour of your workout

For beginners with different fitness purposes, diet is also very important. For example, people who exercise their muscles should eat foods containing more carbohydrates within an hour after exercise. Rice is a good choice.For the person that is a goal with reducing weight, motion had better not complement food inside an hour.


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